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Imagine if you could know what's happening in the future

Do you know how much you spend annually on unnecessary maintenance? What does an interruption cost?

With DocFactory IoT you can remedy the problems before they occur.

We welcome Tecnau to the Docfactory family

Tecnau is a multinational corporation with a complete product portfolio dedicated to paper handling, monitoring, processing and finishing for the digital printing industry providing integrated solutions to support applications for Transactional Printing, TransPromo, Direct Mail, Publishing, Graphic Arts, Book on Demand and Short Run.

We welcome Micropower Group to the Docfactory family

Micropower is an independent manufacturer of battery chargers, lithium-ion batteries and systems for industrial use. The business was started up in 1984 and is today market leader in northern Europe for battery chargers in forklift truck applications.

We welcome VA-utveckling to the Docfactory family

VA-utveckling offer products and services for business development and IT support mainly in the municipal engineering. VA-utveckling work largely with development. This applies to both the water and wastewater operations as IT tools and methods to facilitate the same.

Everything you need

Enterprise Content Management

The power of topic-based authoring while remaining in full control. Makes single-sourcing and structured authoring easy.

Use categories and facets (taxonomies) and advanced search to find your information. Use content pieces as building blocks and publish multiple variants to multiple output formats.

Internet of Things

DocFactory IoT is the bridge to the complex system of interaction of IoT data, information and humans, supporting human decision making.

Some of the data the IoT collects is not really completely useful unless it is put into the hands of a human who is then able to take decisions and act on it with the help of relevant information.


Collaborate securely with your teams and your customers using your desktop or your mobile devices.

Your teams has a central place to share, edit, discuss and approve content and your customers a place where they can find and access the information they need.


Build custom integrations and connect virtually any enterprise application to Docfactory using the Docfactory open APIs.

We develop all of our standard apps using the same API.

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