DocFactory is a complete enterprise content management system in the cloud and it is packed with the features you need.

Any device, Anywhere. The same user experience, everywhere you work.


Simple and secure content management from anywhere, on any device.

DocFactory provides on-demand access publicly or through password-protected portals which makes users more productive by letting them create, manage, view and share information on the go - while still providing managed permissions and visibility from a centralised administrative console.

No matter where you are working or what actions you need to perform, DocFactory helps simplify your workflow and keep your content centralised.


Store and collaborate in a single online location.

Collaborate securely with your teams and your customers using your desktop or your mobile devices. Organize your information using categories and facets and control user access.

Now your team has a central place to share, edit, discuss and approve content and your customers a place where they can find and access the information they need.


Let all your documents live in one place online.

DocFactory not only let you upload and manage your documents in a single location, it is easy to organise and share, making sure your documents are always relevant, up-to-date and easily accessible from anywhere.

Share your documents with co-workers, groups and even customers, on the fly, from any device.


Search all your information quickly and easily.

Search the entire information base using the universal search features of DocFactory. Use filtered searches, categories and facets to narrow your search results.

With DocFactory you will find what you need, only faster.


Place your content in the right context.

Use categories, facet groups and facets to place your content into context. Mixed with user and group permissions you ensure that your teams and customers always find the correct and latest information.

Reuse information between products or projects by using context labels, ensuring that no information is duplicated.


Access files form any smartphone, tablet or computer. Work from anywhere, on any device and collaborate with built-in communication and notification tools.


Protecting your corporate information is our top priority.

Sign in to DocFactory from anywhere and feel confident that your information is safe. With SSL, data is sent over secure connections, all the time.

Set permissions by users or groups. Set access levels right down to an individual user or to a specific piece of content, like a category, document, topic or even image.


DocFactory is social with control.

Rest easy knowing your valuable content is safe and secure. Use permissions to moderate some information areas, while leaving others open for anonymous users.

Make some information private and some shared with others. Set access permissions for other users and groups of users, down to the individual file.


Most of your information can be created and displayed directly in the browser.

Create and view your information directly in the browser without having to download plugins. Display PDF's in single or multi page mode. Our responsive design and Markup based editor ensures that the information can be created and displayed on any device.

If your content cannot be displyed by DocFactory, you can download the content and use a third party plugin or software instead.


We are proud to be open.

Build custom integrations and connect virtually any enterprise application to DocFactory using the DocFactory open APIs.

We develop all of our standard apps using the same API.


DocFactory allows you to capture and share knowledge.

DocFactory uses topics, questions and answers to capture and share knowledge. Enable registered users or even anonymous users to ask and answer questions.

Use categories and facets to stay up-to-date on relevant or interesting questions and ideas. Share your knowledge to dedicated users or group or share the knowledge to everyone by making it public.


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