Manage and share all your content using SmartShare. Access content from anywhere. Publish content using a branded SmartShare portal. You can share any content with others and collaborate in your work. Search for information based on content, titles, summary, tags and more. Access and discuss information on any mobile device using the SmartShare Mobile Theme. Exchange feedback around information from anywhere. Store multiple versions of a file and download previous versions for reference. Manage users and groups, set access permissions and invite users to join your network.

Frequently asked questions

About SmartShare

User account and signing in


  • How do I share a document with other users?
  • Can I share multiple documents with the same user?
  • What is a contributor?
  • What is a reader?
  • Who owns a document?
  • Who can add discussion entries to my documents?
  • I do not want to share my document!
  • I do not get a mail when other users share information. Why?
  • SmartShare does not send a notification mail when I share information. Why?

Add and save documents

Tagging documents

  • What is a tag?
  • How do I add tags to my information?
  • Can anyobody add tags to a document?
  • Where do I find already defined tags?
  • Can I search for tags?


  • How do I know that my documents are secure?
  • Can anybody read my documents?
  • Where are my documents stored?


Mail notification

User and group management