Search for information based on content, titles, summary, tags and more.

Finding information

SmartShare's full text search engine, indexes information with text as soon as any new information is added or changed. Textual information from within files of various known formats such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Open Office formats, Pdf, text, HTML and more are automatically indexed.

Use facets and tags to further revise your search to find the information your are looking for.

Smart suggestions

SmartShare's full text search engine provides smart suggestions when searching information allowing you to select from a collection of indexed words and tags.

The suggestions are displyed directly as you type your search expression, allowing you to get smart suggestion along the way of typing.

Browsing information

You can use the different views of information in SmartShare to browse the list of topics. In combination with searching and tag navigation, it is easy to find the information you are looking for.

Identify who is sharing the information, information history and started discussions connected to the information.