Manage and share all your content using SmartShare. Access content from anywhere.

Sharing made easy

Sharing information with collegues, customers and partners using SmartShare is easy. Information is shared by a mouse click.

To share, select the information you want to share and add your collegues, customers or partners as contributers or readers to the information. Instant, the information is shared, allowing you to work together and spark discussions.

Contributor or reader

You can manage sharing permissions from view-only to editing. In SmartShare we call it Contributors and Readers.

Contributors have permission to add new readers to the shared information, add discussion entries and change the actual content. Readers have permission to read the shared information and to take part in the discussions by adding comments.

I do not want to share any more

When you are finished sharing information, un-sharing is as easy as sharing.

Select the information you do not want to share any more and choose Stop Sharing. Instantly, the information is no longer shared with anyone.

Who is sharing what

Using the Sharing panel in SmartShare, you always have a clear overview of all users or groups sharing information with you.

Click on a user or a group in the Sharing panel to display the information shared between you. If you want a more detailed sharing view, open the extended sharing panel displaying who is a contributor, reader or owner.