Satisfy your customers by providing them with accurate and up to date information.

How does it work in SmartShare?

Increase customer satisfaction

SmartShare makes it easy to publish and distribute accurate and up to date technical content to customers and service organizations. With a few clicks, you assemble, manage and deliver customer specific information so that the customer's service and support personnel can quickly find information to resolve problems.

Create a shared online customer portal

Using SmartShare's theme based portal architecture; you can create and design a branded customer portal for customers and service organizations.

Create a dedicated customer account in SmartShare. Upload customer information and share the information with the customer account. As information is shared with the customer, the information is immediately published and available for the customer to quickly access, search and find relevant and up to date information.

Organize the customer information using tags such as Product, Process, Type etc. Customers can use the SmartShare search engine and faceted navigation to quickly find information connected to a specific information area.

Keep the customer updated

Instead of exchanging information with the customer via e-mail or shared file servers, deliver and publish the latest version, collect feedback, and spark discussions via the customer portal.

Bring all relevant discussions into one space, including information updates. Decrease time to market and get rid of missing crucial updates to your customers.