SmartShare allows you to share information with other business stakeholders.

How does it work in SmartShare?

Increase team productivity

SmartShare supports teams in collaboration across multiple time zones, and change gears more quickly by single source all information, discussions, and approvals in one single online workspace. No matter where you are or what time it is, with SmartShare the team always will be on the same page.

Create a shared online workspace

Create a team group in SmartShare and add team members to the group. Upload files one at a time or drag and drop multiple files all at once. Sharing of the information is done with the team group or individual members if the members have different sharing permissions. As information is shared with the team, everyone gets notified through e-mail with direct links to the shared information, increasing response time.

Organize your information using tags such as; Meeting Protocols, Reports, Editorials etc. Use the search engine and faceted navigation to quickly find information shared by the team members.

Keep everyone in the loop

Instead of exchanging information via e-mail or shared file servers, keep track of the information history, post feedback, and spark discussion in your online workspace. Bring outside users in to the workspace temporarily to receive feedback.

Bring all discussions into your work space, including information updates, project updates and virtual brainstorm sessions. Get rid of searching e-mails or missing crucial updates.