SmartShare makes it simple and affordable to single source your digital content.

How does it work in SmartShare?

Single source from anywhere

SmartShare gives you the ability to access, share and manage information from wherever you are. This can be achieved without having to invest in expensive technology or IT staff. SmartShare makes it simple to; upload, download, and share, documents, slides, and files with colleagues, teams and clients.

Add documents, media or other files

Adding information to SmartShare is very easy. Upload files one at a time or drag and drop multiple files all at once. SmartShare can be used to store and manage all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, images as well as audio and video files.

Organize and add value to your information

To help describe your information, add tags to enable an easy and simple way of organizing information. Tags also enable quicker access, search and browsing of the information. Add new tags or reuse existing. It is simple, easy, and adds value.

Describe your content by adding a brief summary text. It will make it easier for other users to quickly determine if it is the information they are looking for.

Share information securely with others

Start sharing information with others within a few clicks. No matter how you share information, with SmartShare you are in complete control. Share information to readers or contributors, share with single persons, teams or make it public by sharing with everyone.

You decide which information to share and who you share with.

Find information quickly

Whether you are storing and managing a few files or a thousand, finding what you are looking for is simple using SmartShare's search engine and faceted navigation. Search for specific file names, for tags, or for specific words or phrases. Use the tag cloud and the sharing panel to further narrow down the search result.

Access information from anywhere

All you need to access information in SmartShare is a browser and an Internet connection. Using a mobile browser-optimized version of SmartShare or a branded customized portal, you can view, search, read and share information on the go with your smartphone or mobile device.