Aareons’ challenge was to create a single source of information that can be easily updated and accessed by customers and integrated as on-line help in Aareon products. 


Aareon Sverige AB (formerly Incit AB) is part of the Aareon Group and is the market leader in Europe for comprehensive business systems for property owners. Aareon help real estate organizations to increase customer focus and profitability. They do this with the support of Incit Xpand - the market's sharpest and most efficient real estate and finance system.


Aareon offers Incit Xpand, a real estate and finance system for property owners. Property owners decide for themselves how they want to work with Incit Xpand because the system's scalable solution thinking covers the needs of both smaller and larger real estate companies.

For Aareon, it is about tailoring the solution of Xpand that will best suit their customers' needs and business. Therefore, propery owners can choose to work with one or all of Aareons software modules.

Aareon needed an information solution where they could easily create, manage and distribute help information to product users. Due to the scalability and modularisation of Incit Xpand, the help information should also be integrated as on-line help in Incit Xpand, enabling customers to only get relevant information about the software modules they have choosen.


All Aareon help information is now available as on-line help in Aareon Incit Xpand and easily accessible from any device. All information updates are seamless and maintenance time for the information distribution and management is optimized. Aareon uses DocFactory for all parts of their integrated information solution, including help information for each software module, recommendations, news, Q&A and customer specific information.



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