Topic based authoring

Create content as small modules and reuse in publications and betwen products.

One integrated solution

Regain control of your content, no matter where it is. Collaborate securely with your customers.

Find what you need

Give your customers what they want – immediate answers. Search all content quickly and easily.

Any time, on any device

DocFactory works on your computer, your mobile and your tablet. Works on all browsers.

Public, private or in between

DocFactory makes it easy to have fully private, fully public, or hybrid communities.

Internet of Things

By marrying your information with Internet of Things, Docfactory will give your Smart IoT.


Store your content and collaborate in a single online location. Share, edit, discuss and approve content.

Content in context

Ensure that your teams and customers always get the correct and latest information.

Security for your information

Protecting your information is our top priority. With SSL, data is sent over secure connections.

Drag & Drop collections

Use drag & drop to create publictions or reusable modules and form your table of contents.


Use categories, facets and facet values to find and reuse information components.

Built-in editor

Use the Markdown-based built-in editor to create or edit content, anywhere, on any device.

Language management

Get full control of translations and language variants. Use in-house staff or translation agencies.

Version management

Get control of information versions, manage releases and publications. Docfactory makes it easy.

Multi-channel publishing

Publish to PDF, HTML, XML, desktop, tablets, mobile devices or even your own product.

Manage you information

Let all your content live in one place online.

DocFactory not only let you create and manage your information in a single location, it is easy to organise and share, making sure your information is always relevant, up-to-date and easily accessible from anywhere.

Find what you need, faster

Use categories and drill down navigation to find information. Search all content quickly and easily, including categories and facets. Use filtered searches to narrow your search results.

Give your customers what they want – immediate answers. With DocFactory everyone will find what they need, only faster.

Anytime, on any device

DocFactory works on your computer, your mobile and your tablet. In your day, you might give updates, have discussions and share files with your team or customers.

With DocFactory, that all happens in one place, secure and on any device you are using.

Open API

We are proud to be open.

Build custom integrations and connect virtually any enterprise application to DocFactory using the DocFactory open APIs. We develop all of our standard apps using the same API.