Leave paper based documentation in the form of manuals
and provide end customers with an information portal
delivering order specific information to customers, support
and service technicians. 


Since 1969, IV Produkt have specialized in developing and manufacturing energy efficient air handling units. IV Produkt is considered by many as one of the leading producers in the Nordic countries of cost efficient and environment-friendly air handling units.


IV Produkt wanted to leave paper based documentation in the form of manuals and provide end customers with a documentation portal delivering order specific information. The product information needs to be structured according to information types and connected to the individual orders, enabling customers, support and service technicians to easily and quickly find the correct information, still fulfilling the EU regulations for the information.

IV Produkt also wanted the information to be accessible via mobile devices, enabling the service organizations to access order specific information using their mobile phones or tablets.


The main objective of the IV Produkt information system is to deliver customer order unique information when a customer has ordered an air-handling unit compared to generic manuals where the customer needs to find applicable information for the customer configuration. Each customer order is unique based on product categories and configuration options.

To achieve customer order unique information each piece of information, including sub-contractor information is supplied with a configuration string, identifying to which products, components and system functions the information is applicable to. The configuration information is then used for identifying applicable information for a specific customer order.

Using a shared pipe from the ERP system to the shared publication system, each order (BOM-list) and its configuration strings is, via an integration as a background job, automatically transferred to the shared publications system where applicable information is matched towards the order configuration string, creating an customer order unique information package.


The information solution enables IV Produkt to maintain a single source location for all product information in up to 9 languages. Customers, support and service technicians are using a dedicated web portal to access order unique information from the moment an order is signed for an air-handling unit.

IV produkt delivers approximately 40 – 50 order per day, where the customer can access customer order unique information as soon as they have placed the order and received an order number. IV Produkt has decided, from 2015, that sales information also shall be part of the customer order unique information. Sales brochures are managed in the shared publication system and provided with configuration strings to be part of the customer information package.



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