Micropower is an independent manufacturer of battery chargers, lithium-ion batteries and systems for industrial use. The business was started up in 1984 and is today market leader in northern Europe for battery chargers in forklift truck applications. Every year, Micropower ship more than 400 000 battery chargers and power supply units to customers and retailers all over the world.

Predictive maintenance means that, with the help of sensors and data analysis, automatically control the optimal time when different maintenance actions shall be performed. With MicroPower's newly developed mobile app, measurements can be obtained using NFC technology (tags) and with the help of DocFactory, the right information based on sensor data can be displayed helping MicroPower's customer to predict maintenance and get the correct information for performing maintenance and applicable actions.

NFC tags are passive devices, which means that they operate without a power supply of their own and are reliant on an active device to come into range before they are activated. Using NFC tags embedded in the batteries and battery chargers, customers can retrieve sensor data when their mobile devices are in range of the charger or the battery. Sensor data will trigger a call to Docfactory displaying the relevant information in the Micropower app.

The Micropower app together with the NFC based IoT initiative, named GET, will be the headline news for Micropower at CeMat 2018 in Hannover between 23rd of April and 27th of April.

This is how Micropower describes GET,

“GET is an IoT system for optimizing battery and charger fleets for increased efficiency and productivity. The GET system gives you full control over your fleet wherever you are, optimizes your daily business operations and saves time through simplifying service and maintenance and hence increasing your uptime. GET in charge!”

For more information, visit http://micropower-group.com